The Diet TM Canola Business

Bussiness Plan

The company ACTIVE HEALTHY FOODS (p) LTD. an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company & reigstered under the company's Act 1956 is in the business of import, packing and marketing of canola oil in INDIA & the company product is regd. as DietTM Canola with Indian Trademark Authorities.

The company proposes to appoint super-stockists and stockists for storage, supply, sale and distribution of DietTM Canola Cooking Oil all over India.

Our product canola oil will be made available to the user through a network of DietTM Canola distributors across all over INDIA.

The DietTM Canola distributors will be enrolled by existing DietTM Canola distributors and the first few distributors will be directly appointed by the company.

The DietTM Canola distributors will be independent business associates and in no way will have any other association other than the one explained here in below.

They will be appointed solely on sales based incentives which will accrue to them depending on the efforts they put into their business by themselves or their downline partners/associates.

The sales will be generated through the word of mouth publicity about the DietTM Canola product and its health benefits.

All DietTM Canola distributors on their enrollment will pay a sum of 2000/- towards

a) The cost of 4 litres of DietTM Canola oil (at mrp 1320/- only)

b) The cost of business support material ( 180/- only).

c) Annual registration fee for participation in business / income plan ( 500/- only)

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