CMD Message

Hi friends

Welcome to the wonderful world of Active Healthy Foods (P) Ltd.

At Active Healthy Foods we have taken a small step towards fulfillment of our dream vision of providing good health to all Indians through good quality world class products and make India of your dreams – A Healthier India.

Your company as a first step is introducing canola oil to the masses – which is the world’s best cooking oil.


The company shall Endeavour to add many such products soon and present them to you for a healthier you and your family.

The unique marketing system adopted by your company will open the gates of self employment to all and will create real wealth for members of its marketing team.

You will have more money to spend on yourself and your family for better food, education, housing, and other needs and charity and more quality time to spend with your family and friends at your dream destinations of the world.

Dear friends i wish to see all of you an integral part of wealthier india and invite you to be an important part of this revolution taking shape so that we realize – together a dream of A Healthier India and A Wealthier India.

I am convinced that we cannot spell success without u being an integral part of it.

I personally wish all the success to all the persons who choose to be with us in our task of realizing the vision of a new and powerful India through good health.

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