Company Profile

The Name of the Company is ACTIVE HEALTHY FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED situated in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The company is formed with the good intention of bringing to the consumers quality food products which are healthier from all over the world – with the intention of seeing a healthy INDIA tomorrow.

The company intends to make the information available to the masses about use of good quality food products through literature, website, Seminars etc.

As a first step the company has launched the world’s best cooking oil which has got approval from 1) FOOD AND DRUGS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 2) WORLD HEART FEDERATION 3) MAJOR HEART ASSOCIATIONS OF THE WORLD and such other departments of Canada and is indeed helpful in controlling major killer diseases in INDIA viz : High blood pressure, Coronary heart disease, Arteriosclerosis, High cholesterol, Diabetes, Cancer of the colon besides memory loss, Indigestion, Hair fall and Joints pain etc.

The company has devised a unique marketing strategy for making these high quality products available to the masses through the word of mouth publicity duly explaining the unique features/ qualities of the products by the marketing team.

The company ‘s marketing strategy also envisages compensating the marketing team handsomely for the efforts put in by them in making the company’s products available to the masses through direct marketing the entire details of which are available on this website at suitable places.

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