Five Star Distributor Benefits

  • As and when there are 5 personally sponsored DietTM Canola distributors in the downline , such a distributor will be redesignated as A FIVE STAR DietTM Canola DISTRIBUTOR.
  • Each FIVE STAR DietTM Canola Distributor will be a member of a distinguished club and be entitled to some exclusive benefits like :-
    • ) Special offers/ privilages from the company time to time.
    • ) Special promotional campaign benefits.
    • ) A share in the monthly repurchase sales of the company on prorata basis (1% share of total monthly sales of all India DietTM Canola distributors will be shared by all eligible 5 star DietTM Canola distributors) every month.
  • When five of your personally sponsored distributors are promoted as supervisors you achieve the level of FIVE STAR DietTM Canola Supervisor and you share 1% of total monthly share of all India DietTM Canola Supervisors (to be shared by all eligible 5 star DietTM Canola Supervisors ) every month and so on to higher levels.
  • Help your downline to make money, you grow and make money automatically

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