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Each stockist is a firm / individual regd. with the local sales tax authorities and having a valid TIN no./ST registration as the case may be.

Each intending stockist has to apply in a format available with the company along with the requisite security deposit of rs. TWO LACS and relevant proofs / certificates and shall be appointed by the company on a thorough scrutiny of his credentials.

Each appointed stockist will be issued a certificate of such appointment by the company. along with a letter stating the terms of such appointment and the incomes / incentives payable to him from time to time.s

Each stockist will be initially appointed for a period of three months only and after it is understood that the appointment is reqd. to be confirmed / cancelled suitable intimation to this effect shall be sent to the stockist before the expiry of three months of initial appointment.

Each stockist has to submit all the required documents and proof as required by the company from time to time. Each stockist has to display the certificate of appointment as the companys stockist in his business premises.

Each stockist has to make arrangements for storage, sale and delivery of stocks in consultation with trhe company or its authorised person and has to make its own arrangements for this purpose at its own cost.

Each stockist will be initially appointed on the policy of one stockist in each postal code (pin code) till such time that there is additional demand in that postal code.

All future appointments of stockists will be done in consultation and with mutual consent of the existing stockist in that postal code.

Each stockist has to submit a daily report of sales and opening stock and closing stock by email / software to the company / super stockist without fail as per the format provided by the company and remit the amount into the BANK ACCOUNT of the company / superstockist as the case may be.

Each stockist has to maintain its stock / sales/ cash books and all other data uptodate at all times and present the same to the tax authorities / company as and when stipulated / required.

Each stockist has to ensure that the premises is opened and kept open as per the timings as agreed upon between the two parties and ensure that customers and distributors are not put to any inconvenience whatsoever.

Any complaint of dis service / lack of service etc. will be viewed seriously by the company.

Each stockist has to ensure that the business premises is maintained neat and clean at all times during business hours and stocks issued/ released promptly to the customers / distributors.

All cash generated at the stock point has to be necessarily deposited / transfered in the Bank Account of the company / superstockist the next morning. Each stockist shall be paid commission / handling charges as agreed upon each fortnight as per the arrangement between the two parties promptly.

The Incentives will be payable on Monthly basis and be related to the sales generated per month

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